What is Impact, Practicality and Alignment (IPA) and why should I care about it?

            IPA is a logical and simple way of ranking ideas. IPA rankings work on three key variables to evaluate every idea: the impact of the idea on attaining the goal, the practicality of trying to execute on the idea and the alignment of the idea with the team’s or organization’s value system.  As team members rank each of the ideas for a particular goal, the better ideas will be identified.

            To rank ideas:

            1.     Go to “Develop ideas.”

            2.     Click on “IPA” for the idea that you wish to rate.

            3.    Using the sliding scale feature rate the idea from 1 to 10 for Impact, Practicality and Alignment.

            Remember that alignment scores the idea for its synergy with your team’s values. You can review your team values in team section.

            Updated: 26 Jun 2015 04:07 AM
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